• 8-9 July 2016, Sydney







    Papers are invited in the fields of systematic theology, historical theology and biblical studies. Participants are encouraged to address the role of 'Divine Revelation and Human Reason in Christian Theology'.  Papers from graduate students, established teachers and professional scholars are invited. 




    This conference is made possible as Theology Connect received a Kern Arts Now! grant from Kern Community Foundation.


    Dr. Daniel Treier

    Blanchard Professor of Theology

    Wheaton College

    Wheaton, IL




    Dr. Daniel Treier is the Blanchard Professor of Theology at Wheaton College.  Dr. Treier's theological scholarship is not limited to, but receives wide acclaim for its attentive focus on the theological interpretation of Scripture. 


    Throughout Dr. Treier's writings, he shows an interest in recovering the value of Christian doctrine for informing the church's witness to the wider culture it inhabits.  With a special focus on the biblical theme of wisdom, Dr. Treier brings with him a storehouse of insight for addressing the relationship between revelation and reason within Christian theology. 


    Along with a recent theological commentary on the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, Dr. Treier is the author of Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture: Recovering a Christian Practice (Baker Academic, 2008) and Virtue and the Voice of God: Toward Theology as Wisdom (Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2006).  Also, forthcoming later this year is Daniel J. Treier and Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Theology and the Mirror of Scripture: A Mere Evangelical Account (IVP Academic). 



    More information on Dr. Daniel Treier.

    Dr. William Abraham

    Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies

    Southern Methodist University, School of Theology

    Dallas TX




    Dr. William Abraham is the Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor at Southern Methodist University. He is an expert on the topics of religious epistemology and the doctrine of revelation. In his career, he demonstrates a keen focus on the "reasonableness of Christianity" in the context of a questioning, surrounding world.


    Dr. Abraham takes an interest in questions that cross the divide between faith and philosophy, and between the church and the academy. He has written two monographs on the doctrine of revelation, one on the canon of Scripture, and edited an important collection of essays on The Rationality of Religious Belief.


    Dr. Abraham holds two doctoral degrees, one from Asbury Theological Seminary, and the other from Oxford University.



    More information on Dr. William Abraham.

    Dr. John McClean

    Vice Principal

    Christ College





    Dr. McClean is Vice Principal of Christ College and teaches in the area of Christian Thought focusing on Systematic Theology and Ethics. He also teaches on traditional topics in the Reformed tradition, such as the Westminster Confession.


    Dr. McClean was the Minister of Cowra Presbyterian Church (1995-2002), a visiting lecturer at PTC in 1994 and completed the Ministry Training Scheme at St Matthias Anglican Church (1988-1991). He is married to Elizabeth and they have two teenage children. John’s PhD deals with the idea of ‘anticipation’ in the theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg.



    Dr. McClean is the convenor of the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW and he writes a regular ethics column in the Pulse, the PCNSW magazine.




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    Principal & Head of Department of Theology, Philosophy and Ethics




    The Rev. Dr. Mark Thompson is a member of the local board of advisors for Theology Connect in Australia.  Mark is married to Kathryn and they have four daughters:  Elizabeth, Anna, Rachel and Mary.  He has been teaching doctrine since 1991 and is the head of the Theology, Philosophy and Ethics department at Moore Theological College.  Outside of College, his ideal day includes spending time with the family and watching a good movie.  Mark has contributed to a wide array of publications, including numerous monographs and articles.



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    Hear from John McClean (Christ College), David Starling (Morling College) and Chris Green (Theology Connect) about why you should come to the Theology Connect Conference in Sydney, July 2016.



    Fri 8 July 2016

    2pm - 7pm 


    Sat 9 July 2016

    9am - 5:30pm


    There will be 3 keynote speakers along with several speakers presenting their papers at breakout sessions throughout the conference.



    Registrations are now open.


    Australian Technology Park (ATP)

    Locomotive St, Eveleigh


    The conference will be held in the historic Australian Technology Park, just a few minutes drive from the Sydney CBD and a short 5 minute walk from Redfern train station.



    Directions by car, train or bus.


    Ticket price:

    $200* Adults

    $150* Students


    Ticket cost includes conference materials, afternoon tea and dinner on Friday and morning/afternoon tea and lunch on Saturday.



    *A credit card processing fee (MasterCard and VISA only) of $5 will be automatically added onto the ticket price upon registering. There is also a booking fee of 30c per ticket for using our booking service, Trybooking.com.



    If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact us.




    1300 737 140




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